Your Guide to Chef Shirt Pairings

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Your Guide to Chef Shirt Pairings

Normally, added layers aren’t favored in the kitchen as, in most cases, it hinders function, practicality and comfort. Here, we don’t believe that … neither should you. We know you have the need to feel function and stay fashionable year long.  It isn't criminal … rather, it's exquisitely righteous.

Being fashion forward in chef wear is celebrated here and that includes adding classic silhouettes to your chef styles this season.

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For the warmer temp seasons, start with an essential: our custom Chef Shirts. They’re an ideal base for building a layered, light-weight, polished look for Spring and Summer. Then, to amplify the sleek, fitted details, add one or more of the following short-sleeve Utility Chic pieces:


1. Bib Apron - Hanging Pocket
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Shop it Now | $52.00
2. Half Apron - Hanging Pocket
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Shop it Now | $42.00
3. Men's Short-Sleeve Flight Jacket
Shop it Now | $129.00


You're prepared to layer up for any day of the week! Shop the collections now


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