Behind the Scenes with Chef Gunter Seeger's Personal Style & New Restaurant

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Behind the Scenes with Chef Gunter Seeger's Personal Style & New Restaurant

Gunter Seeger
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An absolute perk with our job is meeting and working with ingenious chef icons who are walking testaments of our Utility Chic purpose. Recently, we’ve had the immense pleasure of working with renowned Chef Gunter Seeger in designing custom chef wear for his new NYC Restaurant, Gunter Seeger NY, recently opened.

From a moment's introduction, it was transparent that Gunter admired and understood the importance of innovative fashion - fundamentals Fashion Designer Shannon Reed holds close to home as well. As a result, we joyfully set out to design intricate, modern styles that would compliment his personal style as well as Gunter Seeger NY’s serene vibe.

There’s an enormous admiration of Gunter Seeger’s talent, skill and spirit here at Shannon Reed, so we wanted to invite you behind-the-scenes for an inside look into his personal style in and outside the kitchen AND within Gunter Seeger NY.  Enjoy his interview below:


Q: Favorite piece of chef clothing?

A well tailored chef's jacket.

Q: What kind of chef apparel do you presently use?

Shannon Reed's chef jackets.

Q: Motivation on a daily basis?

There's no motivation - only discipline. 

Q: You never leave home without?

My wallet + my keys.

Q: Your style? 

Style is individual.

Q: Do you think there is anything lacking in the current chef apparel market?

Other than Shannon, there's not a lot of creativity or innovation.

Q: Which is more important to you fashion or function?

Both serve a purpose. One cannot exist without the other.

Q: How many chef jackets do you buy a year?

How every many it takes.

Q: Who are your inspirations?

Life inspires me. Inspirations comes in glimpses through walking through life. 

Q: Which ambiances/moods do you covet most in restaurants?

Authentic, Originality.

Q: Best moments of opening your new restaurant: Gunter Seeger NY?

The unknown of the challenges.

Q: Is there room for R&R in your hectic schedule of opening a new restaurant?

There always has to be a schedule. Sunday is always my day off with my family and we relish it together. 

Q: What type of styles/concepts should guests expect for Gunter Seeger NY? Any personal touches added into the mix?

It's an entirely open kitchen - chefs are in view. Friends table for chef's friend in the kitchen.

Q: Any unique features used to create Gunter Seeger NY's vibe?

Woods, grey tones, rich fabrics, white kitchen and relaxed vibe.

Q: One word to describe Gunter Seeger NY's menu style:



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