Love Your Chef Shirts

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Love Your Chef Shirts

Our Utility Chic purpose, believed by many, is that chef clothing should fit YOU the way you need it to fit YOU.

We want to keep you feeling dapper and sexy at all times, so we’re thrilled to introduce to you our new Utility Chic Collection: the Designer Men’s Chef Shirts. Shirts that’ll never let you down.

3 reasons you’ll love your Shannon Reed chef shirts:


It’s All in the Details

Comfort and finely-tailored details are felt in every inch. From sleek, short-sleeve cuffs to modern seeming details, the perfect balance of function and fashion are infused within this personal design meant just for you.


cool chef shirts, stylish mens chef shirts

 Shannon Reed, cool chef shirts, stylish men chef shirts



Fashion Forward

For most of us, Spring’s in the forecast. Whew! These new suave shirts will help your chef wardrobe stay on top of the season. You’ll have everyone around you opting in for the same short sleeves.

shannon reed, chef shirts, cool chef shirt

Cover your bases and grab this Utility Chic shirt in both colors: Black and White.


Be Prepared

Offered an interview or a cooking show appearance (usually last minute)? Once you have these chef shirts on guard you’ll never worry about camera appearances again. Everyone loves spotlight moments that look effortless.

white chef shirt, modern chef clothing, mens chef shirts, shannon reed

Its obvious our new, modern men’s chef shirts will keep you looking sharp and ready for any center stage moment, so make sure you’re wearing Shannon Reed. It’s Personal.


Shop Your New Utility Chic Chef Shirts here!


For proper fitting, please visit our size chart.


shannon reed, designer chef clothing


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  • Oree Koblentz

    great post

    For doctor its very important to wear scrubs or lab coats, same ways for chefs it is very important to wear chefs wear.
    It gives them style and comfort as well. Chefs gain their uniform with lot of hard work and struggle for a chef, chef uniform is must and play a great role in his life.

    feels really good to read such posts.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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