Why Shannon Reed Chef Wear is SMART

March 29, 2016

Why Shannon Reed Chef Wear is SMART

The fundamentals of what you’re searching for in chef wear is what our Utility Chic designs are built upon: function, fit and fashion forward.

Designer Shannon Reed, Utility Chic

We’ve set out to solve the problem of insufficient workwear - poor quality, ill-fitting garments and devoid of style - by listening and learning the way the body works in your everyday profession.


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(Left: Designer Chef Jacket - Women's Aero; Right: Designer Chef Jacket - Men's Rebel)

Your chef uniform doesn’t have to suffer anymore. Our contemporary, quality chef wear is for the modern day chef. Our designer jackets, aprons, shirts and more are designed for performance and comfort with a fashion forward flare. This personal sense of style is known as Utility Chic.


It’s All in the Details

Every inch is carefully crafted and cared for. From the selection of fabrics to the fitting process, every Utility Chic wearer will instantly recognize the precise attention given to each creation.

 designer chef jackets, chef aprons, chef shirts, shannon reed

When you shop Shannon Reed you’re opting in to celebrate your personal style. It’s smart.


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