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Utility Chic Story

Shannon's chef jackets and uniforms are made using multi-functional, high technology fabrics from Japan, Italy, and Switzerland - embedded with advanced finishes for durability, stain resistance, and wicking.

High performance stretch fabrics repel moisture and dirt on the outside, while transporting moisture away from the body on the inside.

In addition, industrial snaps, zippers and grommets provide a fresh and unique finish to her modern silhouettes and unique designs.



To maintain the highest quality standards, the Shannon Reed collection is manufactured in small factories in the United States.

Every detail of the product is carefully considered, from the selection of fabrics, to the exactness of the stitching, to the placement of the label. The wearer will instantly recognize the meticulous care and attention given to the creation of each garment.


What Chefs Are Saying About Us


Barbara Lynch, designer shannon reed, chef jacket  "Shannon produces chic, utilitarian and  comfortable chef coats for women! I have spent 25 years in the kitchen wearing ill-fitting men's coats until Shannon came along. She focuses on your individual size, shape, and stretch needs. She's meticulous with her fabrics and her designs are perfectly stylish. Just like my restaurants in Boston, she's an addition to anyone's vision when it involves both simplicity and elegance."  - Barbara Lynch of Barbara Lynch Gruppo | 2014 James Beard Foundation's Outstanding Restaurateur
Chef Jonathan Waxman, hedy goldsmith, designer shannon reed, chefs wearing shannon reed "Thank you for your attention to the smallest details. I love the grey stitching in key places. The grommets are on steroids. For real!!"             - Hedy Goldsmith 
ana sortun, chefs wearing shannon reed

"Shannon's jackets are durable, easy to clean but most of all feel great. The snap buttons make it easy to get on and off quickly. Her designs are thoughtful, clever & unique. I usually order a few at a time because I can't bear being without one on a day-to-day basis." 

- Ana Sortun of Oleana

Gesine Bullock-Prado, bullock wearing shannon reed

"Shannon is truly a boon to a culinary field that was bereft of beautiful working togs until she came around." 

- Gesine Bullock-Prado of G Bakes

Mike Isabella, Designer Shannon Reed, chef aprons

"Thanks for the aprons. They're awesome– memories from the cover of my book! Glad to have them back."

- Mike Isabella of Graffiato

suzanne goin, designer chef wear, top chefs

"I had given up on chef wear until I saw one of Shannon Reed’s jackets."

- Suzanne Goin of Tavern | Lucques | AOC WineBar

tony riviera, top chef, chefs wearing shannon reed

"I absolutely am in love with Shannon Reed chefs coats. People always approach me and tell me how hip or stylish I am whenever I have her chef coats on."

- Tony Riviera, CEO of Primo Hospitality Group

Anthony Lamas, shannon reed chef clothing, lamas wearing shannon reed

"I love my Shannon Reed aprons! They are the most-stylish chef swag out and I constantly get complimented on them. The apron makes several appearances in my cookbook I'm currently working on!"

- Anthony Lamas, Chef/Owner of Seviche

roberto leoci, designer chef apron, chefs wearing shannon reed

"While searching for uniforms for our new team at Pacci I found Shannon. I instantly wanted her involved in dressing our staff. The stress of opening a new restaurant can be a bit daunting but Shannon was so easy to work with– reliable and a joy. She has not only become a business partner but also a friend. Trust me, work with Shannon!"

- Roberto Leoci, Chef/Owner of Pacci

chef egg, erik berlin, chef egg wearing apron

“Shannon Reed offers awesome designs and high quality, heavy duty gear for cooks in kitchens, on TV or at live events”. 

- Erik Berlin "Chef Egg" of Chef Egg







What Others Are Saying 


"Great design, comfortable in the kitchen- very easy. People always ask-who made it?"Susur Lee


"The jackets are Awesome !! Absolutely the best jackets I have had made or bought worth every penny! Thank you" Joey Maggiore


"Let's start off with this... I love your designs, but more importantly I love the fact that a designer finally realized there are chefs that give a shit. Sorry if that was to much. So anyways I have a magazine shoot coming up and am looking for something cool. Obviously I love your aprons, but I need a new chef coat and as I do enjoy crooked brooks seersucker I am looking for something a little more fall, and a little more inventive. I do care about my attire and love what you are doing. I obviously will give you full credit but let's talk and come up with an idea. Thanks." Justin Antiorio


"I was drawn to your coats/aprons because of the big rivets, but I have to say that my favorite details these days is the tiny contrast stitching in the corner of the arm pocket, the apron pocket, the seam at the bottom of the apron... Every single morning when I tie on my apron, I feel pure joy that at least I can look good while I work." - Karen Collins | Babycakes and Confections


"I love your jackets– it's so nice to find a women designing some chic chefs' jackets! I am a private chef and need a nice jacket or two. Congrats." - Karina


"My partner Joe and I have been a fan of your line for a few years—we are happy to see you are back in business. I have been searching for what feels like years and the only jackets that I have ever found I really liked are yours." - Dawn Thomas, Co-founder of Rouxbe


"Wow! These are incredible! Never knew that chef jackets could be so fashionable! I'd be too scared to get these dirty!" - Marielle


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